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Wedding venues in Agrigento Sicily

The Most Stunning Wedding Venues in Agrigento, Sicily

The Most Stunning Wedding Venues in Agrigento, Sicily

If the island of Sicily is the heaven for archaeologists, the province of Agrigento is their pearl. Located by the southern coast of Sicily, it was one of the most important cities during the Golden Age of Ancient Greece.

Today, the city and the region offers a deeply-suggestive and romantically classic atmosphere, making it a dream location for a destination wedding. With the right planner, you can easily organise a glamorous wedding day in one of the stunning wedding venues in Agrigento, Sicily.

Choosing wedding venues in Agrigento, Sicily

Agrigento has it all, from crystalline waters to beautiful beaches to baroque architecture. So, if you are passionate about history, culture, and natural wonders, the wedding venues in Agrigento, Sicily, have something perfect for you. Some of its most attractive settings include:

  • Vineyards: Sicily has an excellent wine culture, with different vineyards also doubling up as a relaxing wedding venue.

  • Resorts: Feel like marrying overlooking the Valley of Temples or some other Greek ruins? You can find many wedding venues in Agrigento like that.

  • Outdoors: With plenty of outdoor wedding venues like Andromeda Theatre, you can also make your wedding vow under the open sky or by the beach in Agrigento.

Organising a destination wedding in Agrigento, Sicily

As you can see, Agrigento offers various idyllic settings to organise a once-in-a-lifetime destination wedding. However, you can make the occasion even more effortless by hiring a local wedding planner like DragonFly Wedding. That way, you will choose from various scenic locations without worrying about the logistics.

Under the guidance of Valentina, our experienced wedding planners will handle everything for your big day – whether it’s booking and decorating the venue, inviting and receiving the guests, or arranging for photographers and interpreters. So, check our wedding packages now!


Wedding venues near Palermo Sicily – Wedding planner

Wedding Venues near Palermo SicilyWedding Planner in Sicily Palermo: Wedding Venues near Palermo Sicily

Among the various natural wonders of Sicily, Palermo – the capital holds a special place. It sits at the end of Europe and the beginning of Africa, creating a cultural melting pot rich in tradition and showcased in heritage.

With heavenly cathedrals, mansions and pizza reigning its streets, intricate mosaics engulfing the chapels, and a picturesque coastline offering some solace from the bustle, Palermo also offers a marvellous setting for a destination wedding.

There are excellent wedding venues near Palermo, Sicily, with some experienced planners like DragonFly Wedding catering to all your needs.

Stunning wedding venues near Palermo, Sicily

There are numerous wedding venues near Palermo, Sicily, for those looking for a magical atmosphere to make their eternal marriage vow. Whether you want a five-star resort with all the glitz and glamour or old-fashioned fisheries by the sea, our expert wedding coordinators at DragonFly Wedding can find the most stunning location in Palermo.

Based on the guest lists and the kind of decor you want, we can also arrange a dreamy wedding day in a hilltop location, with an enchanted garden filled with delightful aromas creating the most romantic atmosphere.

Choosing a wedding planner in Sicily Palermo

As many things go into a successful wedding ceremony, organising a destination wedding in Sicily is not easy. Thankfully, DragonFly wedding offers different wedding packages to take care of all your needs.

Although based in Cefalu, we can organise a unique wedding ceremony in any wedding venue near Palermo, booking and arranging everything from decor, bands, dinners, and photographers of the highest quality.

We can also handle your guest mailing lists with a few clicks and adapt to all specific needs, making us the most advanced wedding planner in Sicily Palermo.

Get in touch, now!


Luxury weddings Sicily

Planning a Luxury Wedding in SicilyPlanning a Luxury Wedding in Sicily

Have you ever dreamt about having luxury weddings? Every person dreams of getting married to another person who will sweep them off their feet in an exclusive, luxurious wedding. So why not find the best luxury wedding planner in Sicily to do it for you? DragonFly Wedding can make it happen.

A luxury wedding in Sicily with a Mediterranean View

Suppose you’re seeking a one-of-a-kind wedding experience on one of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful and romantic islands. In that case, the packages may be tailored to meet your specific requirements, resulting in a unique proposal that meets your expectations and budget.

To assist you in planning the perfect destination wedding, DragonFly can provide a unique blend of cultural and local understanding. You can choose the venue by the sea beach with tropical themes, exclusive catering, and colour-themed tones to match before celebrating with an enormous wedding cake.

Wedding with ancient castles and historic villas

Ancient theme weddings are classics with sprinklers, confetti and sparkles. However, they can be even more sophisticated with classic portraits, medieval churches, and vintage castles, making your dream wedding luxurious and extravagant.

There are detail-oriented packages for extensive décor and Victorian styles reminiscent of the medieval age. DragonFly planner will take care of everything, from advice and assistance of legal church documentation to pre post-wedding events and guest activities.

Wedding with luxury boutique hotels

If you are looking for extra indulgence for your wedding celebration, you can achieve that with the top Sicilian five-star boutique hotels. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about an aesthetic wedding because DragonFly will design your ceremony and reception with floral decoration based on wedding colours and themes and design wedding cards and accessories of the same composition. So, book your luxury wedding in Sicily now!


Getting Married in Sicily Trapani

Getting Married in Sicily, TrapaniTrapani Wedding: Getting Married in Sicily, Trapani

Have you heard about Trapani Wedding before! Its exotic, breathtaking sunsets and mind-blowing scenarios will fit the right choice for a perfect destination wedding.

Getting married in Sicily, Trapani, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all new couples to tie their knot. So why not make it happen with the DragonFly Wedding?

Why get married in Sicily, Trapani?

Trapani is the ideal location for customised luxury events. Even Palermo’s “Falcone e Borsellino” airport has its well-connected terminal, making it easy to access. Getting married in Sicily, Trapani is an excellent choice for any couple because it is full of captivating, magnificent scenes.

The mesmerising natural beauty of the island will accentuate your Trapani wedding photos to a higher level. You can enjoy your wedding with exceptional celebration and fireworks and romantic beaches away from the hustle and bustle of city life, indulging in the world of history, art, culture, and exotic cuisines of the Mediterranean.

Ideal packages for an extraordinary Trapani Wedding

Imagine an aesthetic, romantic water view on a rocky mountain or a moonlit beach view, matching your wedding theme with a candlelight dinner. It will not only bring joy but unforgettable memories. Getting married in Sicily, Trapani will ensure half of that. But the rest has to be organised by an experienced wedding planner.

At DragonFly Wedding, we will provide a detailed, free consultation to choose from various packages. Our Trapani wedding packages include everything from theme, decor, catering and much more and make it as extraordinary as possible.

Whether you select lavish weddings, small gatherings, or elopements, the goal is to help you through the design, planning, and execution of your life’s most momentous day. So, just grab your phone and start your free consultation in DragonFly for a mesmerising wedding in Trapani.


Elopement Packages – Pop-up Wedding in Sicily

Elopement Packages Sicily: Pop-up Wedding in SicilyElopement Packages Sicily: Pop-up Wedding in Sicily

With tranquil blue water sweeping through its coastlines and a culinary tradition that wraps around all the island’s natural wonders, Sicily offers a dreamland for people of all backgrounds, especially the romantics.

With sights, sounds, and tastes invigorating an abundance of intimacy, passion and affection, it is the place to offer your love to someone, to hold your beloved hand and propose for a lifetime bond.

And if you please, you can always organise a pop-up wedding in Sicily, making the eternal vows of commitment. The various elopement packages available in Sicily would make the event feel like a breeze.

Elopement packages in Sicily

While an organised, pre-planned wedding may be grand, it often kills the romanticism of spontaneity. It also doesn’t help when you feel a sudden urge to commit to your loved one, a familiar feeling experienced by many while in the romantic setting of Sicily.

In such an instantaneous moment of truth, the various elopement packages in Sicily from DragonFly Wedding could be of great help. We can organise a setting fit for making the wedding vow with little to no time. It won’t be short of any festivities, we promise!

Pop-up wedding in Sicily by DragonFly Wedding

Whether you are looking to organise an elopement wedding or a family event, our pop-up wedding in Sicily packages can create a memorable wedding reception without the hassle.

You can choose from various locations in different picturesque parts of Sicily, and we will organise the rest, including flowers, officiant, decor, sparkling toasts, dinner, and a photographer to record it all.

Simple in nature, we can host up to 20 guests for your pop-up wedding, creating an intimate setting abroad. So, why wait? Contact us now and plan your wedding in a few clicks!


Cefalu Wedding – Getting Married in Sicily

Getting Married in Sicily, CefaluCefalu Wedding: Getting Married in Sicily, Cefalu

Do you dream about getting married in Cefalu? It is a magical location to plan for a destination wedding amidst Sicily’s wonders, the best of what the land of paradise has to offer! Then you are at the right place because here, you can discover all about getting married in Sicily with a stunning Cefalu wedding.

Why get married in Sicily, Cefalu?

If you’re looking for the ideal setting for your wedding abroad, Cefalù is the place to be. Being part of the Madonie Park region provides varied and unique sceneries such as Castelbuono, Gangi, Alia, and others. Also, Cefalù is beautiful and diverse, offering various options such as magnificent beach landscapes, incredible mediaeval monumental scenarios, excellent rural sites, ancient castles, museums, art and culture, vacation properties, and many more.

Many destination wedding packages are on offer that is customisable based on your style, taste, and preference. So getting married in Sicily, Cefalu will be an excellent choice. The packages offer themes infused with Sicilian culture, heritage, and aesthetic, creative ideas that portray the wedding into classy and extravagant events to remember forever.

Which Cefalu wedding themes to look for?

The packages require a variety of themes such as modern and geometric vibes or ancient castles attributed to family and friends mixing with two different cultures, infused with hot summer in Sicily. Sounds remarkable, right! These packages include event coordinator, caterer, décor and highly professional videographers and photographers to capture your precious moments for a lifetime to remember.

So, why not fall in love again with your future spouse, on a romantic theme with detailed decorations, an ancient church on a warm blue coral Sicilian beach? All these can be possible with the expert support of Dragonfly wedding Cefalu.

Book your dream package now!